People, especially Millennials, need to take a look at their costs and question whether they really need that $2000/month condo at CityPlace or at Yonge and Bloor that might eat up 40 50% of their income. If you can afford it, great, but if you can afford it, consider living in a place like Etobicoke, Scarborough, or those parts of North York that aren close to Yonge Street. Your RRSP and TFSAs will thank you..

Senator and former astronaut John Glenn, interviewed in Washington, said, “This is a day we’ve managed to avoid for a quarter of a century . We hoped we could push this day back forever.” Second day coverage today, the aftermath phase of the disaster, may see a good many news people chasing astronaut families particularly the family, friends and students of Christa McAuliffe for tearful sound bites to be played and replayed on newscasts to come. But yesterday, during yet another long vigil before the set, the networks acted admirably and with distinction. President Reagan said, “Today is a day for mourning and remembering,” but it was also, of course, a day for watching, and for not wanting to believe what one saw..

People who commit to using the stair climber when they are at the gym will typically find that it speeds up their weight loss. The trick is to set the machine to a challenging level and then make sure that you pump your arms at your side as though you were truly climbing for sport; don’t rest on the rails as if this is an easy climb up your staircase at home. People who enjoy biking may find that they also enjoy using the stationary bike at the gym.

“They are the fun buy and can be something totally out of your comfort zone,” says Joy Gibb, a licensed optician and consultant for the Vision Council of America. And apparently, our fun factor is on the rise. NPD, a market research group, reports that the number of pairs sold in January to March, 2010, increased 8% over the same time period last year..

Melillo’s biography states he has master’s degrees in neuroscience and clinical rehabilitation neuropsychology, though it does not say from where. A curriculum vitae for Melillo that NPR found on a website for chiropractic licensing boards says the master’s in neuroscience came from the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies, a chiropractic academy in Florida that isn’t accredited by any of the agencies recognized by the Department of Education. His second master’s degree is from a now defunct program at Touro College, a private educational organization based in New York..