How much is the price of a transparent watch CK

CK has always been a great Calvin, and every piece of Klein is perfect. Because of the full New York lifestyle, Klein Calvin’s clothing has become a new generation of professional women’s brand choice in the most love. And CK watches we are also very familiar with, the characteristics of the continuation of the clothing will be simple style. In the market are equally affected by people like! CK transparent watches are very popular in a section of the table, then CK transparent wristwatch? How many money? Let watch to tell you to!

CK how much is the price of a transparent watch CK how much is the price of a transparent Watch

Brand: Calvin Klein/ Kevin Klein

Model: K9423107/K9423101

Movement type: Quartz Watch

Watch type: neutral

Watch mirror material: mineral reinforced glass mirror

Braceletstuff: leather

Color classification: K9423107 (black) K9423101 (white)

Waterproof depth: 30 meters waterproof

Table buckle style: needle buckle

Dial thickness: 8mm

Dial diameter: 42mm

Case material: Metal

Market price: $2750

CK men’s mechanical watch K5S341C6

CK watch simple fashion style, attracting a lot of attention. CK watches in the world watches in alternative, destined to will leave traces of her own in the world. Below we for you recommend a CK men mechanical watches! Everyone together to have a look.

CK men’s mechanical watch K5S341C6

Brand: Calvin Klein/ Kevin Klein

Model: K5S341C6

Movement type: automatic mechanical watch

Watch type: Male

Watch mirror material: sapphire crystal glass mirror

Braceletstuff: leather

Case material: stainless steel

Waterproof depth: 30 meters waterproof

Style: Butterfly double snap buckle

The bottom of the watch at the end of the type:

Dial diameter: 42mm

Market price: $4350

Watch CK’s K2G21107 introduction

CK watch choose the world’s best movement of one of the –ETA movement, to ensure that the watch is accurate, durable. At the same time, it has excellent waterproof performance, can meet your daily needs. Its unique personality style, streamlined design and high standard quality, get more and more consumers favor. The watch home to recommend CK K2G21107 men’s watch.

Watch CK’s K2G21107 introduction

Product brand: CK

Model number: K2G21107

Machine core: Swiss quartz movement

Watch shell: stainless steel

Watch belt: original belt

Button head: stainless steel

Watch mirror: arc cut glass

Watch surface: time, pointer display

Strap width: 2.0cm

Case size: 4.3cm* diameter thickness 0.8cm

Mirror size: diameter 3.8cm

Weight: 55g

Water proof: 30m

LOGO, CK and silver engraved with a luminous pointer

The market price of $1860