Replica Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ref. 94010 “Snowflake”

Throughout its history, the Replica Tudor Submariner is actually in comparison with Rolex Submariner, that’s natural, yet somewhat unfair. Aesthetically they are similar and Tudor was positioned just like a less pricey alternative than its Rolex counterpart. However, fascination with vintage Tudor watches has elevated within the last few years, with watch collectors appreciating the organization and models for which they are, instead of the “cheap Rolex Replica“.

A very interesting piece from Tudor’s archives could be the vintage Replica Tudor Submariner “Snowflake”. The Tudor Submariner really was launched merely a year following a Rolex Sub, in 1954. Like a robust and reliable diver’s watch, the Tudor Subs were eventually employed by french Navy and US Navy. The Tudor Submariners employed by the military were not customized for his or her specs, they were purchased as they are. Really the only differentiation from the civilian Tudor Submariner plus a military issue one was an engraving round the caseback. French Navy issued Tudor Submariners, for instance, were engraved with M.N (Marine National Franais) along with the year they were bought.

To enhance the legibility in the Submariner underwater, Tudor introduced the “Snowflake” dial. It’s speculated it had been a distinctive request in the French Navy, even if this hasn’t been formally confirmed with the brand. Characterised with the square hour markers and angular created hour hands, the Snowflake design was produced by Tudor from 1969 until 1981. The initial Tudor Submariners while using Snowflake dial were the ref. 7021 getting to start dating function as well as the ref. 7016 without any date, run by the self-winding ETA caliber 2484 and ETA 2483 movements, correspondingly.

Replica Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ref. 94010 “Snowflake”

replica tudor oyster prince submariner

This unique vintage Replica Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ref. 9401/ while using Snowflake dial dates back to 1980. Its 39mm stainless Oyster scenario is waterproof to 660 foot (200 meters) due to the Rolex Triplock screw-lower winding crown and screw-lower fluted caseback. The unidirectional knurled rotating diver’s bezel in black safeguards the domed acrylic very protecting the facial skin in the watch. Capping in the tool watch’s sturdiness could be the matching stainless Oyster bracelet.

Round the black dial we view the distinct Snowflake style hands and hour markers looked for after by Tudor collectors. Because of its age, the lume round the hands and indexes has switched right into a beautiful creamy yellow patina – a detail that’s also prized by collectors.

An amazing instance of a Tudor Submariner, the ref. 9401/ Snowflake highlights why increasing numbers of people are diving into vintage Tudor sports watches. Having its great design, reliable movement, and usage by most likely the very best militaries in the world, the Tudor Submariner can be a watch that deserves its growing respect.

Replica Tudor Submariner Reference 79090 UK Watch

Replica Tudor UK ongoing using plexiglass greater than Rolex, meaning of course this Sub originates from the 1990s, her vintage look we love to. Round the wrist, it offers the identical pleasure since the Rolex 1680 while using small design tweaks from Tudor that we enjoy.

Virtually every single factor relating to this Sub is positioned Rolex the resemblance here surpasses looks, the problem and bracelet are absolutely identical. Granted, the dial here offers slightly different indexes, allowing us to know this Sub aesthetically rather of solely due to its more desirable cost tag. For people, there’s really one valid reason to love the reference 79090: its attachment for the fundamentals of vintage Replica Rolex. Indeed, it had been the final diver from Rolex and Tudor later on with colored indexes plus a top hat plexi Tudor produced this configuration through late 1996 more particularly.

Replica Tudor Submariner Reference

This Submariner supplies a perfect dial, getting a really light patina round the indexes and handset. The most effective-hat plexiglass it explains towards the Replica Rolex Submariner Date 1680 is at great condition, without noticeable scratches or dings. The problem shows evidence of previous polishing nevertheless it retained its large lugs. The Oyster folded bracelet is original for the watch having a Tudor-signed clasp getting an operating diver extension. This Tudor shows the conventional and reliability that made the Submariner extremely popular.

Replica Tudor Submariner Snowflake Reference 94110 Carrying ETA Automatic Caliber 2784

Need a Submariner but don’t need a Rolex? Do that Replica Tudor Submariner with desirable Snowflake hands and vibrant blue dial and bezel. You won’t be disappointed.

The reference 94110 wasn’t the initial Tudor to sport the Snowflake handset, but it is an excellent instance of the primary difference the handset adds in comparison to its contemporary, the Replica Rolex Submariner Date reference 1680. The square indexes are unique to Tudor and match the weird type of hands perfectly, as well as the blue dial and bezel could not be located in the contemporary Rolex. Those might appear like minor aesthetic variations, but altogether they’ve created this Replica Tudor Submariner an incredibly good-searching diver that will always allow you to get a grin and nod from fellow watch enthusiasts.

Replica Tudor Submariner

This Replica Tudor Submariner has scuffs and scratches that you would expect in the watch that has formerly been worn and loved. There are many noticeable scratches round the lugs, but, within the finish, this is often a tool watch. In addition, the bracelet shows some placed on which is slightly extended out. The dial is gorgeous and uniform the lume round the indexes and handset have faded with a lovely yellow color, nevertheless the handset appears to be more aged when compared with markers. Realize that nowhere bezel can be a substitute part, therefore, the lighter lume us us dot there. Overall, this is often a striking instance of a more uncommon Submariner.

The Dive Watch Created For Left-Handers Tudor Replica Watches

If, like the majority of us, you’re in the habit of smoking of putting on your Tudor Replica watch in your left wrist, using the crown facing your hands, how does one feel should you made the decision to put on it around the right wrist? Awkward, without doubt, or perhaps uncomfortable, like left-handers and lots of right-handers who choose to put on their watch on their own right wrist. Thirty-5 years after creating a dive watch out for left-handers almost 30 years ago in the request from the Marine nationale franaise (French Navy), Tudor Replica is definitely the Pelagos LHD model. LHD means Left Hands Drive, and actually, the screwdown winder crown usually available at the three o’clock position on our bodies lies in the 9 o’clock position around the situation from the Pelagos LHD.

replica tudo pelagos lhd

Its dimensions are 42mm across, and consists of titanium, a light-weight metal that is rustproof (required for a dive watch frequently immersed in salt seawater), and it is water tight to some depth of 500 metres. The steel back from the watch has Arabic numerals akin to the development number, because the Pelagos LHD is numbered series. A titanium unidirectional rotating bezel covers the situation, having a black ceramic ring which is presented in beige the dive scale finished  to an hour. A computerized helium valve placed in the 3 o’clock position completes the “left-handed” form of it watch.

The matt gray armure watch holds a self-winding mechanical movement designed and created by Tudor, MT 5612 calibre. This effective heart, beating at 4Hz (ie 28,800 vibrations each hour) is really a COSC-certified chronometer and it has a large power reserve of 70 hrs. It marks the date along with the time.

Around the sand-blasted black dial, the symptoms possess the typical configuration of Pelagos watches: the hrs are alternately marked by geometric shapes and “snowflake” hands, all coated having a luminescent beige substance. A wide open display in the 3 o’clock position shows the date with an ivory background, displayed alternately in red (even dates) and black (uneven dates). This technique of colour nicknamed “roulette” through the aficionados of the trademark made its very first on the Tudor model dating from 1969.

Finally, the timepiece is connected to the right wrist utilizing a bracelet with titanium links ending inside a steel buckle having a security clasp. Another strap in black rubber attached having a pin buckle can also be provided with this particular Pelagos LHD.

Copy Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark

Tudor’s last watch from the GPGH may be the Heritage Black Bay Dark within the Sports Category. Like the Heritage Black Bay when it comes to design as well as in-house movement, the main difference is its black steel construction. Achieved by utilizing PVD coating, the all-black steel appearance of the Heritage Black Bay Dark is extremely compelling. Furthermore, the monochromatic style continues using the black dial and black bezel pairing. The dark shades permit the luminescent coated lume plots and snowflake hands to actually pop. Combined with the black steel bracelet with satin finish, yet another black leather strap also has the watch.

Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark

                                              Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark

Another Heritage Black Bay driven by an in-house caliber, the Dark edition also houses a Tudor movement. Built entirely in-house, the Replica Tudor automatic mechanical movement not just offers 70 hrs of power reserve, but can also be COSC-certified. So that as clearly seen through the red depth rating around the dial, it’s water-resistant to 660 ft (200 meters).

Once the 2016 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève happens now, we’re certain that Tudor will win some deserving awards with this particular solid trio of watches.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Replica Watches UK

Slated to occur November 10, 2016, in Geneva, Europe, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) is broadly considered because the Oscars from the luxury watch world. It’s an evening where 2010 exceptional timepieces are honored. And Rolex’s brother or sister company, Tudor, has three watches competing only at that year’s GPGH. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay within the Men’s Category, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze within the Petite Aiguille Category, and also the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark within the Sports Category. So with this, let’s take particular notice at these outstanding Replica Tudor watches.

Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Competing within the Men’s Category, the updated Copy Tudor Heritage Black Bay made some serious waves only at that year’s Baselworld. The most popular Tudor watch inspired through the company’s vintage watches for diving had within its situation an in-house manufacture movement. Unlike ones from the Heritage Black Bay which housed modified ETA movements, the most recent models operate on Tudor movements. In addition, the Tudor self-winding mechanical movements offer 70 hrs of power reserve-substantially greater than the prior 40 hrs.

Aesthetically, the Heritage Black Bay is really a pleasure to check out. Using its 41mm steel situation,  rotating diver’s bezel, “snowflake” hands, and large crown without pads, it’s a classic-style diver’s watch with solid contemporary appeal. Tudor makes the Heritage Black Bay in three versions: black, burgundy, and blue. Each color option includes a matching dial and bezel configuration, additionally to some coordinating leather strap. The 3 Heritage Black Bay watches include both “Rivet” steel bracelet, in addition to, the leather watchstrap.

Tudor Replica submarine 7928 representatives

When it comes to Wine diving watches, it is very difficult to defeat a pure and watch combination of elegance, is a Tudor Replica submarine 7928 representatives.

The reference of the history 7928

A black border Tudor stainless steel submarine

Tudor is actually a separate companies, the production of Rolex watches. The work itself is a fake Tudor SA manufacturing. The original Rolex founder Hans wildorf wanted to create a company, create a product, reliable and high quality of the original Rolex but more affordable price. Therefore, the Tudor watches has been the quality of affordable and long wear.

The old Tudor buckle and bracelet

The submarine is a Tudor Style commitment, in a practical good example. The submarine was designed as a diving watch, can withstand the pressure from the water will not be damaged under the. Here is the Tudor and Rolex watches became the real difference negligible where: Tudor watch needs to meet the quality very strict standards, will be made by Rolex. In fact, the only difference is between the types of Tudor and Rolex sports. Tudor used a modified version of the Rolex sports but it still need a certain depth of waterproof.

The old submarine Tudor crown

Reference 7928 champions of the Tudor Dynasty

7928, unlike the Early Tudor, with Rolex caliber 39017 jewel movement. This movement is automatically based on Valjoux 722. 7928 also used the same baffle of the Rolex 5513 submarine. This watch is produced in the late 1950’s until 1966 when it was replaced by the new Tudor pattern.

Tudor submariner 7928 details

Early examples of chapter dialing the reference features 7928 “.” This means that the inner dial printed near the edge connecting the minute mark. In fact, there are 7928 known four different versions of the dial.

Back to the stainless steel retro Tudor submarine

Rolex Submariner Replica, Rolex Submariner Imitation – Swiss Made

No matter which dial was present in 7928, the lower half part is fairly consistent. You should find the words: “200 m = 660 feet,” indicating the depth, rated waterproof watch. There is also possible at all the big office submarine and the word “rotor” and “self winding” printed on the bending of the script. Some dial will feature tracking no. Submarines also features for the winding crown is round wing protection.

The old Tudor stainless steel

Tudor submarine is a look, may be “fake, so be sure to visit Bob’s watch to find the real Rolex and Tudor products.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch

For decades, Tudor Heritage Black Bay has been to deep-sea exploration, which are filled with a mysterious atmosphere of covert, as if to gradually reveal the mystery explorers, and the hidden treasures to be delivered from oppression of the deep end, Yue is immediate. Selection of shades of Heritage Black Bay in Tudor, first published in 2012, and in 2013, Geneva watches Award (Grand Prix d`Horlogerie de Gen VE) was awarded the “Renaissance” Award (‘Revival’). This watch in 2014 to cool the distinctive style of the stage again. Compared with the original Tudor Submariner professional watches, watches the new function for further ascension, fully meet the requirements of the world’s Top Navy diver.


Remarkable is the design of the Heritage series of Tudor be strict in one’s demands, as well as by the brand style workshop in charge of the unique creative process. Heritage watch is not only the engraved design, it is combined with the past, present and future of the new interpretation, fully displays the time and original style of running, hand to retain the aesthetic features of ancient type to the renowned, on the other hand, into the modern breath, then continued to watch the legend. Heritage Black Bay is the Tudor innovations extreme deductive, while its design inspiration not only from a single legend watches brand, but nearly 60 years to launch various classical diving watch.

The whole line and circle Tudor Heritage Black Bay arch crystal mirror, drawn from the brand first diving watch, which in 1954 launched a Tudor Submariner (model 7922). Heritage Black Bay is also equipped with a Tudor arched dial, this is the feature of source since the first Tudor Submariner, is now no longer see. The unique and extraordinary on linked lists crown is derived from the launch in 1958, won the collector called “big crown” watch (model 7924). As to be a connoisseur called “unique angular shaped pointer snowflakes”, can be found in the 1969 to the beginning of the 1980’s table. Now, these brand traditional aesthetic characteristics, combined with modern design elements, including a sturdy 41 millimeter stainless steel case, and foil anodic alumina modified magnificent, colorful crown shaft; and the workmanship replacement strap and meticulous, charging points highlight the Tudor Heritage Black Bay the extraordinary position, witnessed the evolution of the brand.

Launched in 2012, Heritage Black Bay is equipped with Tudor, dark chocolate color dial, pink gold pointer and hour markers, and the selection of rice white luminous material and wine red outer ring, the light emitting antique table soft luster. It seemed to tell a memory of the past collection of stories, the charm often fades with time and sublimation, also revealed trace of fascinating charm.

Tudor Style workshop in the design of new watches, drawn from the brand’s first diving watch, select some of the design elements, in order to manufacturing professional and reliable divers tool table. Finally, the studio to create different results, but there is no lack of Tudor Heritage Black Bay element, its icy tone highlights watch workmanship, exquisite and modification of the inherent advantages of accurate travel time. The first version uses the soft warm colors, the second version of show cold side cold, with distinct lines with high tech design. In stark contrast to the deep black dial with silver hour mark white luminous material, elegant and charming. The same as the luminous hands silver, precision across the dial, showing the same contrast effect. Finally, the crown shaft outer ring and with night blue, slightly weakened stainless steel case and bright, but also into the ocean atmosphere, and gives people a sense of utility functions, and military watches brand former vicenza. In the second half of the twentieth Century, the French Navy (Marine Nationale Fran C aise) is chosen to wear blue Tudor diving table. As the Heritage series of other models, Tudor Heritage Black Bay with two bracelet or leather strap, one is decorated with exquisite texture adjustable black blue fabric strap, and the other is a choice: two design and the outer ring to match the night blue retro leather strap, or matte and polished stainless steel band also equipped with folding buckle.

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner Reference 7924 ‘Big Crown’ From 1958

Last Tuesday, a day before 2014 started, we were invited by Tudor to join them for a diner and the introduction of the new Heritage Black Bay timepiece in blue. During the diner, Tudor pulled out some amazing swiss replica watches from their archives in Geneva, including this 1958 Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ‘Big Crown’ reference 7924.

Tudor Oyster
Tudor Oyster

The nick name ‘Big Crown’ was given to this watch by Tudor collectors, just like the Rolex Submariner 6538 from 1958. The very same replica watches that James Bond was wearing in Dr No. Tudor used a number of same parts as the Rolex Submariner in those days, except for the ‘Auto-Prince’ caliber 390 movement. The crown and Oyster bracelet carry Rolex markings.

This 37mm case was water resistant up to 200 meters (600 feet) and featured the 8mm large screw-down crown for the first time. The plexi crystal was much thicker than the one on its predecessor model (the Tudor Submariner reference 7922 and 7923) and domed, to ensure the watch could handle great pressure under water.

Oyster bracelet
Oyster bracelet

The Oyster bracelet of the Tudor 7924 had riveted links and carried reference number 7206 and as written above, had the Rolex signature.

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7925
Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7925

Also introduced in 1958 was the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7925, also nicked ‘Big Crown’ due to the 8mm large winding crown. However, this watch did not have the same pressure/depth rating as the Tudor Sub 7924 and ‘only’ had to withstand a pressure of 10ATM (or 100 meters). Besides the depth rate printed on the dial, you can also identify this 7925 by the red triangle at the zero point of the diving bezel of this swiss watch.

A quick scan on and the Vintage Rolex Forum Market learned us that these babies go for well over 25K Euros and quickly go up depending condition.

We were really excited to see that Tudor kept these watches in their archives and made them available for special occasions like this introduction of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay in midnight blue (click here). It also shows that they are well aware of their heritage and want people to be able to relive these magnificent watches by using elements of it in their new collections. We applaud Tudor for doing so.