Rolex Replica Deep Sea Submariner watches

Rolex  deep sea Deep Sea Submariner Replica watches Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea is a global professional marine divers and personal courage to challenge the limits of distinguished persons selected. The luxurious design combined with advanced technology, the perfect partner to fashion and sports.
1950s, Rolex  for the Deep Sea Special prototype models wrist watch rigorous and exhaustive testing. August 1953?, Deep Sea Special dive to 1,080 meters (about 3,543 feet) deep, the same year a later time to dive to 3,150 meters (about 10,334 feet)?, The last in 1956 reaching 3,700 meters (approximately 12,138 feet).
In 1960, with the first two diving watch manufacturing knowledge and experience, and the third? Generation Deep Sea Special watch can withstand the most extreme conditions and environments. This watch also has been tied to the submarine submarine Trieste? (Trieste)’s hull, and dive to the Mariana Trench (Mariana Trench) “Challenger Deep” (the Challenger Deep) Sea? Domain , record depth of 10,916 meters (35,813 feet).


Office 1960 do deep sea snorkeling, deep-sea submarine Navy pilot Trieste (Trieste), successfully sneaked into the depths of the Pacific horses? Li Yana trench (Mariana Trench). Don? Walsh (Don Walsh) at the helm, he and Jacques? Picard (Jacques? Piccard) ride Trieste, deep-sea explorers reached the unprecedented feat. Deep-sea submarine and Rolex prototype table is tied to the hull? Deep Sea Special from 10,916 meters (37,800 feet) to return to the depths of the water, still operating as usual. Only watch with durable and reliable? Excellence for Rolex on the altar table laid an important seat.


Helium valve deep weight is difficult to see, but divers but always in feel. To prevent damage to the watch being invisible, Rolex Rolex Deepsea Special? Special helium valve to nitrogen alloy stainless steel. When the diver rises, dive and stay depths when cabin pressure were relying on help and call? Suck them mixed helium, oxygen and hydrogen gases. Helium by a very fine particles, whose extremely light weight, so that it can easily penetrate any watch. ? But decompression time if the diver back to the surface when the rise is too short, helium will be trapped inside the table, so watch the final because of internal helium expands, causing the pressure? Too high and burst. When Rolex Deepsea With compact design, can differ to about 3 bar pressure inside and outside of the watch, so super? Cobalt alloy helium valve springs squeezed inside, allowing the table to obtain the release of helium, which in turn ease the pressure.
Case structure titanium case back Rolex Deepsea has a special case back, so watch can withstand the weight of the deep and intact. Extremely resistant? Patience manufactured titanium case back cover, and high-performance compression ring closely with each other. But because of the high hardness of titanium flexibility of this ingenious? Material, along with the deeper, the greater the pressure arising from the ability to fully seal the case, so that all the components are more fit. If more rigid but lack flexibility? Material properties (e.g., ceramic), the inevitable damage to rupture under pressure.

Rolex Replica Explorer II watches related watches comparison

In the 1980s, IWC join military diving watch fray for the German military developed a magnetic dive watch “OCEAN”, because mine detonating device only reacts to pressure, but also on the weak magnetic field response. More advanced, it is the Suunto D6 div computer diving watch, designed for those demanding professional divers designs.

Suunto Elementum Aqua Diving

Blancpain 2010 engraved version of the Fifty Fathoms commemorative watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer type II (3)

When diving became a fashionable sport, fashion symbol — Another dive watches, has become a must.

However, the diving world diving rules. As for the people living on the land, the ocean is a country with the world their survival rules. If you go diving, but wearing a flag in fact, it is just 100 meters waterproof watch is waterproof watch , it probably will have to kill you.

Underwater Army Regulation

Courage and probably the man most secure place to attract women, right? Therefore, this “Man”, most people prefer to use a dive watch with the same temperament to express. As early as the first James Bond 007 film produced on the latest year wearing Rolex diving watch stately appearance in the movie, and then whether it is “labor Water Monster” or “Ou Haima” struggle, have been important.

However, there are important things. If you’re really only going to wear this type of watch to go diving, you must know that the general water watch with real diving watch, like the difference between SUV and off-road vehicles. SUV-weather use, but when it comes to real off-road, high-wheel-drive chassis needs to have all the power and performance of a professional off-road vehicles. A replica watch had been discussed with reporters the human community, the current public for more than a misunderstanding diving watch, including even some of the media myself, often confused with the water watch dive watches. In fact, the specification dive watches, the watchmaking industry has always been strict, unambiguous on this issue — at least 100 meters deep dive into the water and having an adjustment device to control the time of the watch, to be called diving watch.

In accordance with the general rules of the Swiss watch industry, the watch back engraved “WATER RESISTANT” just means waterproof 2ATM (ie waterproof 20m). This does not mean you can go down to 20 meters of water activities, because the water depth mean only under laboratory conditions — when hydrostatic water watch depth and water are both completely at rest, and this static situation In the real world swimmer or diver’s course does not exist.

Of course, the most intuitive is that when you see a logo “Diver’s”, “scuba”, that means can be used for scuba diving, and identifies “He gas Diver’s 300M (or more)”, then with helium valve, suitable for helium nitrogen oxygen saturation diving, which is more than 1 hour, the depth of over 120 meters long dive.

Chinese have a saying, “Mo bully bullying mountain water.” Professional diving watch that you master the dive time, depth, the way the best partner, so there will be a strict international norms. Those specific magnetic resistance, shock resistance, it is hard to visually identify targets, but at least you can see is: You must have a pre-selected time unit (the most common is the timing of the outer ring, and most of the design can only rotate counter-clockwise), each five minutes must be clearly marked (large scale fluorescent agent watch than the average volume, long time), and visibility in the dark 25 cm. There is no hard and fast rules in line with the above, I’m sorry, this is not a line with international standard ISO dive watches.

Fans stand

In fact, for replica watches fans, as well as one of the most straightforward standard — Diving birth, often in order to customize navies, you will see only the hands of the diving watch ever served in the military, of course, joined the army at the time of a the specific needs of key tasks.

The first diving watch Rolex had come out in 1926, the classic Oyster case, are still continue to produce, engraved. By the 1950s, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diving watch, as the first modern diving watch, laid the basic characteristics of modern diving watches. It is the application of the French army divers, Israeli Army and U.S. Navy SEALs underwater sabotage team, Deutsche fleet, followed by a more widely used in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland army. Be modified on the basis of the Blancpain Panerai , the Italian Royal Navy has become the permanent specific products.

In the 1980s, IWC joined the fray military diving watch, the German military developed a magnetic dive watch “OCEAN”, because mine detonating device only reacts to pressure, but also on the weak magnetic field response. And for the U.S. manufacturing dive watch Omega , from the 1957 era Seamaster , the asymmetric shape “Ploprof” 600 meter diving watch, have received a warm welcome and was re-engraved in 2009 and increased to 1200 m water depth.

These classic style, continues until today are engraved in. Description watch a really pay attention to the traditional sectors, replica watches fans insist on support various mechanical watches . However, the kind of exceptions. If the man is more loyal to dive, then he might consider some of the powerful features of diving electronic form, strictly speaking, it should be wrist dive computer.

In fact, James Bond 007 films in the “labor Kelpie” and “Ou Haima” struggle to become the talk of the watch gossip fans, a lot of people forget, James Bond has worn spreadsheet photographed it, but also more than one! from Japan SEIKO LCD Digital, Seiko Sports 100 LCD wait at least five Seiko watch in the 1980s, 007 film debut, indeed conform to the electronic trend.

More advanced, it is the Suunto D6 div computer diving watch, designed for those demanding professional divers designs. It has three modes: oxygen switching, digital compass and depth alarm combines RGBM algorithm, is the most powerful dive computer. All information is included to provide the necessary depth, time, direction, and decompression depth display can quickly calculate the ability of human tissue containing gas saturation, so divers dive no longer need to follow a strict schedule, they can even analyze your dive performance for the next improvement.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Malibu Type II replica watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Malibu Type II – Rolex Yacht Malibu type (Yacht-Master) was born in 1992, it comes with bi-directional rotation of the outer ring (to set the time for the crew before the game at the start of the countdown stage purposes, it is dedicated Oyster watches , the only one of three models of both (29 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm) works. 2007, Rolex introduced a yacht Malibu Type II, assembly 4160 movement , with a more convenient 10-minute countdown start and reset function, called tailor-made for the big yacht race for professional use watch , which has 18K and 18K white gold two styles to choose from, including gold models with blue ceramic replica watches ring, white gold with raised figures with solid platinum watch circle.

Five common ground between the watch and sailing

Powered by: watches and sailing do not need the aid of any energy. Sailing rely on the wind, can be run in the case of wind and upwind. Pure and not participate in any competition for the leisure sailing, the diesel engine can be installed in accordance with the wishes of the individual to cope with the sea completely windless conditions. Coincidentally, they can also watch with automatic winding and manual winding two ways to power the spring. Some people suspected winding too much trouble, so just wear a quartz watch .

Complex mechanical structure: the sails and masts complexity and mechanical movement watches a spell. Different levels of sailing, masts and sails of the structure is completely different, but are intended to maximize the use of wind power, improving the speed, taking into account security. Mechanical movement watch is also in numerous disciplines, derived from a variety of dazzling complex functions. But no matter how complex the watches, timing accuracy and stability can not be ignored is always present.

Handling: watches and sailing are not used to show off the furnishings, both manipulative and can give people control the fun. But, watch what we call play, it is a person’s own entertainment, and large sailing is conducted by the team with the movement, and very challenging. Two control fun in the big sailing to get the perfect combination, whether in ten minutes before the start of the race countdown stage, or during the race on time and all kinds of unexpected events on the control. The so-called manipulative, power is not the most important, many times it takes you to make accurate judgments.

Masculine: Sailing traditionally viewed as a man’s sport, men control the boat through the challenges of nature, they want to have their own space and do not want to let women participate. Many women are reluctant to try sailing, which may be related to personal factors, such as time and can not stand not bathing, hair, makeup, and fear of sunburn. Watch is also dominated by men, men of the watch has a more profound understanding of, and through it to control time. In the women’s eyes, so much like the watch, as it is like to watch the man gave them, which they hope and love and solidarity is a reason.

Connotation: the same expensive watches and sailing, are young and do not understand the same time, middle-aged people, but like them very much. Although sailing ages can participate, but sailing is usually larger than the age, so we sometimes also called Sailing is “Gent Leman Race “(gentleman’s race). Man wearing a watch, too, had to go through years of training, they will know how to lock their achievements with the watch.

Become the new darling of high-end watch collection and investment of China’s richest

Recently, the Institute released a wealth of quality for China’s first high-end ETA replica watches market professional report “Chinese high-end wrist watch report, “the report pointed out that high-end watches become the new darling of China’s richest collections and investment. In the collection and investment, most Chinese consumers welcome the luxury category are: watches (34%), jewelry (19 percent) and art (17%).
Patek Philippe watch collection is the preferred investment
Become the new darling of high-end watch collection and investment of China’s richest

The proportion of the Chinese luxury goods market in the present, collection and investment accounted for a large luxury consumption. In the collection and investment, most Chinese consumers welcome the luxury category are: watches (34%), jewelry (19 percent) and art (17%), people choose to make the investment and collection of high-end watches, the core reason the following aspects:

Increasing the value of nature. High-end watches generally have certain characteristics increase the value, many high-end watches are in the magnitude of the annual value of more than 20% -30%.

Small size, big value. A watch hundreds of hundreds of thousands of millions, easy to carry and store, but also facilitate the transmission.

There are practical, can be worn, can be used with clothing.

Sophisticated technology, culture and heritage, the watch itself is a high-end art, suitable for ornamental and collection.

Collection and investment class luxury choice TOP3: watches, jewelry, artwork

China’s high-end watches as the preferred asset consumer business gifts

Meanwhile, the survey showed different levels of asset ownership during the Chinese luxury consumers of luxury business gifts, when the collection and investment, but also shows the different areas of focus. Unlike ordinary asset class consumers, assets over 50 million yuan of high-end consumers more choice of high-end watches as gifts business activities (21%), well-known brands of watches are considered representative of successful people, Profound, price stability There liters, the most vulnerable sure Shouli party, is to show sincerity, the best way to express gratitude.

Generally speaking, watches, luxury cars as wealth label invisible, a man’s pet, we do not exclude this view has some truth. However, after our field investigation found: Contemporary Chinese women are increasingly interested in the watch strong, and even some women have special love mechanical watches , for this growing market demand, the Swiss watch industry and even add production of large watches all women suggests China has unlimited space in the development of women watch.

Moment, the female form craze is in full occupation of the high-end watch market, not only the traditional female form listed manufacturers to increase the intensity of luxury jewelry watches, the more traditional male form female form influx of manufacturers have tried to Fengeng market, even female models launched in the traditional racing, diving and other classic male exemplar models in the series. In today’s high-end watch market, when people have been on the tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar permutations and combinations of these complex functions in male form the market even as one is not surprising, consumers are becoming increasingly looking complex mechanical features integration with the perfect mother of pearl, diamonds, enamel and other elements of the female form.

We saw in the 2012 Baselworld, the major brands have done their best in high-end watches will masculine feminine beauty and machinery to achieve the ultimate jewelry. Traditional women watch brands , the Chanel Coco Chanel’s life will be Ms. favorite bird screens micro-painted enamel engraved Chanel new women presented on the dial, Dior watches out Ⅶ single market has finally opened up a black ceramic white ceramic The variety of the female form. In a complex function, Patek Philippe has always been committed to the female form into complex movement high-throne, since the introduction of the three asked the female form and split-seconds chronograph last year, Patek Philippe is the perpetual calendar and moon phase onto the female watches stage, becoming the first one brand for women’s slender wrists to create calendar watch. In addition, the high-end watch brand from Germany Glashütte , which repackaged Lady Serenade Series brings a new concept design of the dial, and originally in Naples Ladies Watch ( with swiss ETA 7750 movement ) series famous Breguet play “200 Anniversary “banner, breath introduced four different styles of the female form, many of whom are a lot of diamond luxury models.

Very sporty yet elegant style Rolex Replica Daytona watches

In the Rolex Oyster all Replica watches enjoy high popularity and reputation in. Famously watch models both precise and accurate timing functions in a calculated average speed with chronograph hand, and integrated control buttons minute and hour meter dish, while the outer ring can also be engraved with the scale reading speed in real time.

Rolex’s proprietary technology crystallization

Since 2000, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watches are assembled independently developed and manufactured by Rolex 4130 Chronograph new movement . The movement uses a super anti-magnetic and shock resistance PARACHROM gossamer, can store 72 hours power to watch.

This can be a self-winding watch, and equipment through the Swiss chronometer testing center (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, COSC) certification thallium constant pendulum movement. Waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet). Made by a sapphire crystal watch mirror, shoulder design fully protected three lock winding crown.

With some gold Oyster insurance deduction to Oyster buckle design is based on the opening and closing positions in the installation of additional safety lock. Warm and comfortable leather strap , especially for winter wear, became the watch is another excellent feature.

Striking design aesthetic

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch not only feature outstanding, classic watch design, a variety of styles to meet different individual needs. Remove the prestigious “Steel Di”, the more select Rolex 18ct rose gold platinum and timeless and bold design jewelry and leather elements added, so watch professional racing While discovered distinctive outstanding beauty. Carefully selected diamonds, rubies, enamel and other valuable materials, by the best craftsmen inlaid with exquisite artistry, these dazzling combination of materials and watch each other, doubling magnificent.

Category: Professional Watches

Movement: 4130

Automatic chain: constant pendulum thallium

Power reserve: 72 hours

Oscillator Frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 cycles / hour), using the Breguet -style end of gossamer ring PARACHROM

Timer: COSC certification

Dimensions: 40 mm

Material: 18 ct white gold

Case: speedometer bezel to protect the shoulders to protect the crown, and buttons

Water depth: 100 m (330 ft)

Crown: three padlocks

Crystal Crystal: Sapphire

Strap: leather strap with gold buckle Oyster Insurance

Diving partner Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica watch is equipped with professional divers must have one also dive wrist watch in the superior model. Since its birth in 1953, does not rely on perfect performance to conquer the deep sea world, glamor and more throughout the land. Latent as the ocean depths, the watch is accompanied by a professional diver’s best; explore the land, it is also the perfect embodiment of exquisite and courage, so much favored tremendous and visionary watch lovers.
Since the birth date, Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date watch the rising water technology, from the initial diving depth of 100 meters, 200 meters successfully reached 300 meters today, fully confirmed <strong>fake Rolex</strong> watch waterproof technology in the field of extraordinary and excellence .
Model (Case / Strap): 116610 LN / 97200

Diameter: 40 mm Material: 904L stainless steel Bezel: unidirectional rotating bezel with 60 minutes scale display, using Cerachrom black ceramic outer ring, with platinum scale shows crown: three padlocks (Triplock), Table shoulders to protect the crown Mirror: blue crystal surface, small window lens with anti-reflective coating Water resistance: 300 meters
Movement : 3135 Automatic movement Frequency: 28,800 cycles / hour Kinetic energy: reserve 48 hours Surface: the hour numbers and hands using a fluorescent substance Chromalight Bracelet: 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelet Buckle: Rolex Glidelock easy to tune links

Model (Case / Strap): 116610 LV / 97200

Diameter: 40 mm Material: 904L stainless steel outer ring: The Cerachrom green ceramic outer ring, with platinum scale shows crown: three padlocks (Triplock), Table shoulders to protect the crown Mirror: blue crystal surface, small window lens with anti- reflective coating Water resistance: 300 meters Movement: 3135 Automatic movement Frequency: 28,800 cycles / hour Kinetic energy: reserve 48 hours Surface: the hour numbers and hands using a fluorescent substance Chromalight Bracelet: 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelet Buckle: Rolex Glidelock easy to tune links

Waterproof Rolex famously timeless lasting quality. Now, the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date watch and add more new interpretation, and launched stainless steel models. 40 mm case with 904L stainless steel, and the mix of precision waterproof rugged and reliable performance, it can effectively resist seawater corrosion, its unidirectional rotating bezel with anti-wear Cerachrom black ceramic outer ring (green ceramic surface of the outer green with Cerachrom ), and painted with platinum at the internal outer scale.

Whether exposure to dark depths of the ocean floor, or just a faint light of the harsh environment, the new Submariner Date watch can provide precise timing is wearing at any time, this is all in the wrist with indicators and some part-time at Tu Chromalight fluorescent substance. Movement with constant pendulum Tuo and Parachrom gossamer fully enhance the precision and reliability of the watch. Unidirectional rotating outer scale, easy to read and accurate submerged time data.
This new Rolex watch with Glidelock buckle, strap length can be adjusted to make the wearer feel comfortable. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date watch unique extraordinary charm, for the wearer to explore land and sea more fun.

This Rolex Watch will set off a play on the storms

This Watch will set off a play on the storms.Rolex complex models, not a joke, oh, you know stopwatch and calendar together last week, it is definitely a “super complex” ROLEX Rolex up! ! ! Newman’s trading price of the package to see to know how these antique Rolex ROLEX preserve it.
Although the luminous part of the age-old has clearly lost effectiveness, but still this does not affect the performance of large complex ROLEX Rolex. Its estimated price caps only 700,000 Hong Kong dollars is definitely conservative. The results are as I judge it: including commission 1.22 million Hong Kong dollars! ! ! To know the price to buy a new three asked. It appears now and then hiding Rolex great-grandchildren are not useful to leave it?

Description [overall] stainless steel case and chain strap, anti-magnetic, manufactured in 1962, Case dimensions 36 mm.

[Estimate] 520,000 Hong Kong dollars – 700,000 Hong Kong dollars

[Price] 1.22 million Hong Kong dollars with commission

Rolex Replica continue to find entry-level exploration process

Rolex is not only innovative, but also filled with a persistent quest for the perfect Rolex watch fans to follow the spirit is the reason, Rolex watches expensive it? let Xiaobian bring you the following paragraphs Rolex continue to find entry-level exploration process.

Rolex watches expensive it? Rolex continue to find entry-level exploration process

Rolex ROLEX-MILGAUSS Series 116400 (black) male watch

Rolex watches are high-performance protection system, the extraordinary anti-magnetic watch Milgauss features to help ensure the proper functioning of the movement, Rolex paramagnetic alloy specially selected to build two sections diamagnetic cover, and the first part of the movement closely Oyster is closely linked to two parts, only authorized Rolex watchmakers can glimpse inside this watch.

Rolex watches expensive it? Rolex continue to find entry-level exploration process two

Rolex ROLEX-DEEPSEA series 116660-98210 black male replica watches

Has a vaulted blue 5mm thick crystal glass mirror by high purity aluminum oxide treated to withstand water depth 3900 m, up to 3 tons of pressure, domineering dial design, using high-performance materials to make it light outer zero mark pointer exudes intoxicating blue light, the design and functionality of this extremely powerful Rolex Mens mechanical watch is worthy of the water dragon, the deep sea of the king, who must be able to appreciate it is also an extraordinary figure.

Rolex watches expensive it? Rolex continue to find entry-level exploration process three

ROLEX-Submariner Rolex Series 116610LN (black) male watch

Super luminous display, is also a major feature of this table, dial, 40MM moderate size, suitable for all kinds of wrist wear, whether formal or casual, can mix the use of the Rolex 3135 movement, durability and accuracy are other watches difficult competition, the 3135 Rolex movement is very classical movement, a relatively high degree of preservation.