Begum: This topic is on the table now. After the makeup segment aired, there was a very quick response by activists and by regular people, outraged by what they saw. They saw it as sending the wrong message to survivors of domestic violence. This will work to bring the eyes towards your bust and face. It will work to divert the eye away from your stomach area. Try to make sure to avoid bold patterns, such as very large checks, and light colors above your waist unless you want to look bigger..

“You can’t describe how you feel in this moment,” says Uday Hussein. His cafe, Alwan, had been open for just six days when a bomb struck right outside. A teenage girl was killed as she walked to the bathroom, and a young man died as he sat by the window, waiting for a friend..

In the same month, self styled outsider Sturgill Simpson released an acclaimed album embroidered with sprawling soul arrangements and psychedelic rave ups. Later in the year pop culture blogs would zero in on Simpson’s impassioned Facebook essay accusing the country music industry of neglecting its legacy after the announcement of an award named for Haggard, drifting from its moorings and diluting its traditions, criticism that wouldn’t carry such an emotional charge in virtually any other genre. Despite his veteran status in country’s hit making ranks, Urban released the third single from an album that positioned him at the vanguard of country pop’s rhythmic trends, while FGL, having already achieved massive popularity with a glossy hybrid of country pop, modern rock and hip hop, introduced a silky, new boy band influenced direction with a worshipful slow jam initially intended for Justin Bieber.

View image of The qanat was an ingenious way to source water in the middle of the Iranian desert (Credit: Credit: Design Pics Inc/Alamy)Simply put, a qanat is an underground channel that carries fresh water from an elevated source in the mountains to an opening at a lower altitude for the purposes of irrigation a perfect solution in a region with an abundance of mountains. Once a possible source of fresh water is identified, indicated by the presence of an alluvial fan (a triangle shaped sedimentary deposit at the base of a mountain), a shaft like one of the I seen is bored underground until the water source is reached. While in some cases not much digging is required, other shafts can extend up to 300m below ground.

Plans to spend the summer pulling the discussions together into a final constitution. However, the ultimate aim of the conference is to put together a series of academic books on how an extraterrestrial settlement might operate. Due to be published next year it will serve as a manual for how to set up and operate a successful space colony..