Wallis began his activism in the civil rights and anti war movements, and has long been a critic of the religious right, writing books, giving speeches, and publishing the Sojourners magazine to exhort Christians to pay more attention to the poor. But his profile increased dramatically with the publication of his 2005 book, “God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It,” which landed him on the New York Times bestseller list for four months and vaulted him into prominence as a media commentator about religion and public life. His latest book, “The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith Politics in a Post Religious Right America,” debuted at No.

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The Dog takes us deep inside the head of a man who always feels he’s in the doghouse and, try as he might, can’t escape the feeling he belongs there. The name of O’Neill’s narrator remains unknown to us, other than his detested but apt first initial, “X.” He begins his story in the devastating aftermath of a breakup from his long term, chillingly goal directed girlfriend, whose name we do learn: Jenn. She’s a colleague at his New York law firm, where she works in securities and makes partner, while X.

The repercussions could be felt for a decade. Don know if any of this is legal, says one executive. : A Poetic Symmetry BOB SIPCHENIsraeli Police Attack Peace March : Middle East: Crowd was trying to form human chain for peace around wall of Old City.

MILLERCOSTA MESAS : Restaurateur Helps Feed the Needy, Too MARY ANNE PEREZCOUNTYWIDE : Santa Program Is Staying Afloat ERIC YOUNGSecurity Guard Kills Man Who Brandished Ax JAMES M. JOCELYN Y. Trade favors while arming Mideast radicals. These aren’t issues that signal a terrible relationship. Me laughing about this shit with my closest friends (remember, the context is women in their 30s having SLEEPOVERS) doesn’t mean I don’t have my husband’s back. My husband knows and does not care, because it doesn’t hurt him that my best friend knows that he once asked if I wanted regular quinoa or gluten free quinoa..