MARTIN: He was not elected to this position. Initially, he took it because he was lieutenant governor and Eliot Spitzer resigned because of what turned out to be true allegations that he had consorted with a prostitute, and after having taken such a hard line sort of legally on this question, it was politically untenable for him to stay. On the other hand, the argument is, he had to out himself, as it were, because if he didnt, someone else would.

“We have a long history of ticket splitters.”Still, voter turnout grows by nearly a third in presidential election years with many voters driven only by the candidate at the top.Although the Senate with several blue state Republicans up for reelection and a contentious Supreme Court battle underway may be more in play in November, fears of a Trump or Cruz nomination have started to trickle down to the more secure GOP controlled House.”The top of the ticket is going to have a significant impact for House and Senate races and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves,” said Republican strategist Brian Walsh, a former spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “Members like Bob Dold and other moderates who disagree the most with people like Ted Cruz are the most vulnerable.””I think there is damage being done broadly to the Republican brand,” Walsh said of the chaotic Republican presidential primary so far. “I worryabout the number of Americans who have never voted before, minorities and Hispanics.

Over fishing is actually a problem for both sharks and humans. If humans kill too many sharks in a given amount of time, the population will dwindle and they won’t be able to catch many sharks in the future. The only way to maintain profitable shark fishing over time is to allow sharks to continue to reproduce, which means decreasing shark fishing significantly.

Much like in , being able to live comfortably depends on how far from the city centre you willing to live: a one bedroom in Tongzhou, 22km east of the city centre, rents for only RMB 2,500 per month. Your best bet as a foreigner is finding a room a bit closer to the centre for around RMB 4,000, which you can pretty much do in the parts of town near Sanlitun [9km northeast from the centre] and Gulou [5km north of the centre], said Om Buffalo, an American who currently lives in . In general, south and west are cheaper than the north and east..

Now here you have a few options as to what style you want. I wanted a kind of smooth finish which I could scratch away at later but if (like Casey) you want a build up of paint around the edges of the lenses then you need to spray a lot of paint on to the lenses so it seeps around the sides. Primer usually doesn’t take too long to dry but be patient.